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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
I do not think that a side expansion is ugly. There are numerous classic expansions for the side slot. A lot of them match the design of the A500.
One of my a500 has a gvp hd+ - and that is as classic amiga 500 as one can get. it represent what i dreamt of when i got the a500.

However I do want the aca500 to be internal. the gvp hd+ a500 takes a whole lot of desk space so i want my other 500s to be a tad easier to move around.

and my intention with the aca500 is to run it as is for whdload. i only got the aca1230/56 so i don't get to test it at 030, but given i got a aca630 for my 600 i don't need any more speed in the 500.
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