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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
After four posts, you're starting to make sense. However, this neither solves power problems ('cause the supply stays the same: 2.5A rating is lower than the A600/A1200 PSUs), nor does it add space for bulky drives.

The A500 is a neat machine. However, it's not that neat any more if you connect big things to it's left side. It'll be ugly with an A1200 accelerator sticking out the back, but still a lot easier to install than on the 68k socket.

I meant that an external device can have its own PSU, like the A590 does.
I do not think that a side expansion is ugly. There are numerous classic expansions for the side slot. A lot of them match the design of the A500.

As i did expect a lot in the ACA520 then ACA500 when it has been announced, i would just like to see something better than the expansions already available (it's easy to find a A590, a GVP, a Macrosystem/Alfapower/whatever controller, with RAM and SCSI or IDE).
Several internal devices also exist either old (Viper520) or new (Kipper2k's).
I expect the best from Individual Computers.
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