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Hey guys, i know this is not a marketplace, and if i do decide to sell this spare gear i have i will post a proper thread in the market section.

But i would like to know roughly how much do you think this gear is worth, i am not looking to rip anyone off, just a decent price.

Original 1mb chip mem expansion, a 2mb ram pcmcia card, and a ide/cf adapter, all used and working.!

All that would be needed then would be a KS3.1 chip upgrade, and a CF card to make a decent WHDload machine.

I ask because this would greatly help Foob if he is interested, and might be a good buy for anyone in a similar circumstance when only having a base 1mb A600.!

I really think it's the lack of ram that is causing Foob's issues. Another solution is Kippers 4mb fast cards!

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