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omg... after fighting for AGES to finally get an AIAB installation 10.5 / 10.6 running under WIN-UAE (Version 1.4.4 seems to do the trick, it´s the one mentioned in the AIAB .uae configs) i am getting a little bit

Installations just runs thru like the guide promised... BUT after install and reboot an error like "cannot open uaescsi.device" pops of "CDROM Handler" up. In the same moment another dialog pops up: "Intuition attempting to reset WB screen, close all windows..."

So, if i clicking on the "Abort" button from the "CDROM Handler" dialog, the workbench comes up... one time. After some short time, all stuff on the amiga WB gets kind of.. blurry. When hovering over with the cursor, it gets normal in this places, where the mouse-pointer have been. After restarting Wb, Win UAE switches to fullscreen mode (why the hell?) and then, there is only the bar on the top, saying "Workbench" - that´s it. Only chance is to open windows taskmanager and kill Win-UAE...
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