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Hi guys,

thanks for the reply,

with the disks I have managed to lay my grubby little hands on about 200 old Amiga DD disks, and am using them them to transfer the stuff over from PC to Amiga, this is where I get the blue screen, and it is on the "real" amiga disks. I think it must just be crappy PC hardware doubled with MicroCrap software.

With Transdisk I have tried changing the Com ports but still never got any luck, the address for my Com1 and other ports differ slightly from what transdisk looks for, and Windows wont let you change the address coz it will create conflicts with other stuff.

If you right click 'My Computer' goto properties, goto device manager, goto ports open communications and click resources it should tell you what address (setting) it is set at. Mine is 03f8-03ff

where as Twinx looks for 3f8h-somthing else. Im not entirely sure if this is where the mess up is coming from, and i think it might be, but im not an MCP/MCSE by any means. If anyone is please let me know !

I've got a decent Laptop as well and will try with that in a week or so when it gets back from the shithead who borrowed it for a "couple of days".

The very helpful Amigaboy suggested zmodeming it, I have thought of that before , but thought using a specific program would be far faster and easier, but now I think is gonna be the only way, I've already got Ncomm on the Mig and am gonna try it later, I'll post a message of how i get on.

Im sure there are plenty of others out there who have similar problems with at least one of these issues, but I doubt many have all three.

Thanx again guys
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