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Originally Posted by nikos.rizos View Post
The A500 has a classic beauty and should not have modern proucts on it's left side. Period.
Here we go: Can't make everyone happy.

Originally Posted by nikos.rizos View Post
@ Jens
One thing you should reconsider, if it is not to much trouble for you, is the memory trapdoor. On your ACA500 MK1 design, it ignored whatever existed there.

It would be really great if a chip ram expansion lives there to be fully useable as a...chip ram expansion
Neither the internal, nor the external design are "ignoring" chipmem expansions. The one thing I always excluded were memory expansions and HD controllers for the side-slot, which is why both designs fully block the side-slot.

Chipmem is *very* valuable on the Amiga. I'd never design anything that would reduce it's availability or that conflicts with a 2M chip expansion.

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