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Originally Posted by fgh View Post
Just spent one and a half hour trying to make sense of regular expressions again, to remove entries with De/Fr/It/Es/Pl/Cz for my a1200 and AGA/CD32 for my a600, but I gave up

A game scanner would be excellent, but if that will not happen, having different game sets would rock:
1: All games
2: ECS/OCS games
3: English games
4: English ECS/OCS games
Great idea!

Now, everyone can modify their own guides to refelct thier game directories, one can even have more than one guide for A, B, C ect. such that for "E" in english only titles

once could take this further with E_ECS_en - "E" starting titles, OCS/ECS only and English

I really like this idea, while its a bit more work, I think this could really round up and be a great feature for AG-Launch.

Originally Posted by fgh View Post
And what about an update for the new WHD pack by Retroplay?
Originally Posted by fgh View Post
AGLaunch is very nice, I've been using it on my a1200 and a600 since it came out..
Thanks again Zetr0!

If you take suggestions, I vote for some new gamesets, like 'only OCS/ECS', or 'only english language games'.
And perhaps one day including Retroplay's WHDLoad gamesets?

A CD32 version would be cool as well though. Those other collections look good, but they are pretty slow...

I like all these ideas!

I will also add an option for WHDLoad Demos as well.

I need to update my WHDLoad packs so I can update the guides, I will be refomatting to take advantage of what Konrad has done here

I really love the layout, I am also tempted to create an info button and favourites button for each entry - but this depends on how much more ram is taken up by the guides itself.

I had an idea to an opposite version of AG-Launch, and include huge amounts of data per entry with links to HOL and images - perhaps even begging the HOL guys so I can make a small Amiga embeded version of HOL for use with AG-Launch - I know Cody is very protective of his teams work - I can work with begging and ritual sacrifices if that appeases =D

Alternatively we could look at linking the program to HOL for internet equipped amiga's (just putting that out there)

So to start

1. Update KGWHD packs
2. Add Demo lists for AG-Launch
3. Add (Add / Remove) Favourites menu for AG-Launch

So, where does one get the new and improved KGWHD packs these days?
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