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As far as the Kickstart distribution "problem" goes a person could just use the aros kickstart rom replacement. Works nicely and there's no legal problems.

As for the idea itself, if Im not mistaken youre suggesting using Winuae almost as a platform unto itself. Developing Amiga games that can be launched transparently under Windows using Winuae?

An interesting idea, but assuming a person takes advantage of the extra speed, maybe some extra chipram, etc. then are people really developing Amiga software, or emulator software? If the latter, then for some people it might just be more appealing to develop pc software rather than placing artificial restrictions by using an emulator.
It also changes pretty much nothing in terms of development. The only thing that changes is that its developed to exclusively use a particular (virtual) platform. Something that can be done anyway, even without focusing on developing for an emulators specs.

All that said though, it isnt without its own appeal. I used to want to make an "AROS cd64" a while back, using a mini itx pc + aros + uae in cd32 casing. It'd be backwards compatible with cd32 software (but also run faster for games that take advantage of faster hardware), and almost be its own platform when setting UAE to 8meg chipram + jit cpu emulation.
Even now it sounds fun, but as I mentioned its almost then its own platform.

I guess some of the fpga platforms could also run these "enhanced" games given that they can also have beyond 2meg chipram.
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