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Originally Posted by foob View Post
i will have to think about this stuff and get back to you. The thing with opening my amiga is that once i do it, i only want to do it once. That means if im putting in a CF, then ill put in a kickstart and a mem expansion. I simply don't have the money to burn on the mem expansions alone without considering a new KS/CF IDE kit. It's simply not possible right now.
I can understand that.

I suggest in the short term you should learn to install Classic Workbench and get it working within WinUAE, once you master that you should find the procedure of setting up the real Amiga a lot easier.

It would be a good idea to learn what these boot Disks you have been sent do and why, reading up on the original thread's linked earlier in your posts will help with this.

I think what's happened here is you have been given a bunch of tools you don't understand how to use and now it's just causing you more confusion.

I might have a go at creating my own boot disk that loads to CLI with compact flash drivers mounted with EasyADF ready to run. If I can get that working I'll make you a copy and send it your way.

It'll take me a little while to research the needed files and put something together though.

I think that could get you out of trouble for now
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