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I have to say of all the top 100 etc lists of the best Amiga Games this is the only one I agree with. Mainly because it's been done democratically but all the lists I've seen in magazines and done by the review scores by 1 or 2 guys when they were released. These never seemed to be of the same opinion of me and my gaming friends.

There is a definite top 4 games isn’t there when you look at the scores and there is very little between them.

It’s great to see early games like Stunt Car Racer high in the list too, why no one developed the game further and released it with better graphics and tracks on the 32 bit plus machines is a mystery to me?

What I thought was interesting was much hyped good games such as Zool didn’t even get 1 vote…..

Cheers for doing this Graham....
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