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Originally Posted by foob View Post
But how can I boot into cwb if I cannot write its boot floppy?
I thought you had a boot floppy already that mounts the CF card in the PCMCIA slot and loads workbench from there?

I think the reason it is taking so long to load is A) PCMCIA is very slow and B) you're running low on Ram.

If you load up your Classic Workbench install in WinUAE, disable the extra components such as the dock bar this will save you some valuable memory:

Right Click on the Workbench Bar then Choose 'Workbench>Settings'

A menu will pop up, select 'components'

Click on each of them one at a time and disable them all except the two that relate to Icons.

Next Put Away all of the Icons on the Workbench except the actual Disk Partitions, Ram Icons and CLI/Run Icons.

Now try again with the CF in the A600, you might be surprised with that extra Memory you save you might A) Boot a lot faster and B) have enough free Ram to load TSGui (System>Programs)

TSGui like EasyADF can write ADF's back to Floppy Disk
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