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Wow, what do you do with CFs? I am a hobby photographer but never even had a cf or any other flash media fail on me - they are usually retired way before their mbtf. but I'm only loading a 1-8 gb each time i'm out shooting so it is nothing compared what the regular amiga user needs apparently.

I have probably several dozens of them in use in different cameras and apparatus. And you've worn out several dozens?!? I'm impressed!
Why the sarcasm? Personally, I like old things... Amiga's being one of them. CF drives weren't around in the Amiga days, so personally I'd like to keep it as "late 80's early 90's" as possible, which means a real H.D.D..
Besides, if I'm honest I like my Amiga's to be as heavy as possible. I don't like anything that's light, as light stuff to me tends to feel cheap. It's just a matter of personal taste.
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