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While i appreciate the help, i fear we may have jumped the gun a little here.

One of the issues i am facing is that the GAAE version of CWB is run from an .hdf file. As far as i'm aware, this requires a different kind of bootdisk from the one Akira gave me (which boots from normal WB installed via winUAE straight to the CF, no .hdf files required).

Without a way to write .adf files, i cannot create the initial boot floppy to load CWB from PCMCIA in the first place, let alone get in and start tinkering. This is the reason i am trying to identify what reason this EasyADF software won't work when booting from floppy, because according to amigakit, it supposed to support this method fine. I don't think theres anything wrong with the CF card i have seeing as it seems to boot with other methods, and quite frankly i feel amigakit have been less than adequate with thier support as the only interaction i've managed to get from them was a posting on here telling me they sell compatible CF cards.
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