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Okies, when I first booted GAAE in it's standard form it was using 600k of the A600's 1mb

So once you mount the CF device and load EasyADF it's going to crap out.

I was able to easily save 200k by disabling some of the unnecessary components (this can be done from the CWB menu's) so I now have 600k free after loading, that was plenty for me to load up TSGui and write an ADF

There would still be enough free Ram to mount the CF card and transfer files, maybe even write some Disks.

So the first thing you need to do is disable some of the components on CWB, you can do this from WinUAE, you may just be able to save enough Ram to get your current method working.

I do think, the best thing would be to go with an internal CF HDD.

EasyADF needs over 500k just to load up, the only way I could write an ADF with EasyADF was to boot with minimal startup to CLI and launch from there.

So it can be done with a 1mb Amiga (Just about!)
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