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i actually suspect memory. After fiddling around with filesystems, FAT16 didnt really boot at all so i went back with fat32 and it boots in around 20 minutes.

From here, i attempted to install EasyADF to the HDD, which worked fine, but when trying to launch it from either the CLI or the floppy, i get "Not enough memory to run EasyADF".

The "other" memory stat at the top is reading 0, so i suspect this whole thing is to do with simply having 1MB of memory.

I think the next step to try here is to try the stripped version of cwb, the one that works on kick 2.0 and hopefully has small enough of a mem footprint to allow me to run EasyADF.

I guess this means a chipmem upgrade. none on ebay (except one for £60). whoop de doo.

EDIT;- which i have now done, and requires an .hdf file. This would be all well and good if it didnt require a seperate kind of boot disk. Welcome back, square 1.

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