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Cheers Rob - I perhaps should have made clear that actually I already calculated the positions - I did it as I was going along; my intention was to put it into the style of one of Amiga Power's Top 100 articles, which would have been fun (still would actually). For maximum drama it was going to be a countdown from 100 to 1. However I appreciate the effort that has been put into this

The actual final list is slightly different to the one you have calculated. Firstly due to SWOS and Sensi Soccer counting as two different games, secondly due to the fact that one or two of the votes were actually edited after I counted them (so only the originals count) and thirdly my method of separating tied games - firstly by the number of first-placed votes, second-placed votes etc and then - perhaps crudely - if all was equal, then whatever got voted for first got placed higher (this prevented a hideous number of ties taking us well past 100 games). Ideally more people would have voted so the number of ties would have been reduced - there are obviously a lot of dead heats towards the bottom of the list.

If anyone wants the official 100 list now let me know and I'll put it up tonight... worst games and all
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