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something rather interesting has just happened.

I tried the CF card re-written using 2.05 ROM and it produced the same "error", which was seemingly doing nothing.

As this thread was advancing, i focused on finding another solution and just left the amiga going in the background. After around half an hour (akiras bootdisk), the thing has actually booted up. Interesting...

This leaves me to wonder a few things.... why take so long? also, is this enough confirmation that my CF is infact compatible, and theres something else hindering it? (possibly formatting, im thinking of trying fat16 instead of fat32 with default allocation size)

I am installing EasyADF on the hard drive now using the amiga so everything is working fine, not counting the insane boot times. Although i am a little miffed that this time around i forgot to chuck a few .adfs into the expansion folder before i tried it so im going to have to turn off to put them on and endure another 30 minute boot time to write a few game floppies to keep me occupied in the meantime
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