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Sorry to here that Foob, i can guarantee you that Ppil's pcmcia boot floppy solution worked 100% for me for quite a few months. I was kind of like his beta tester as he tinkered with it until it worked.

I do realize it's not easy for you to write out an adf to a blank floppy, the only other thing i can think off is to split it onto 2x dos floppies from your pc, then read it on your amiga, join them etc. Then maybe try easyadf, or an alternative adf writing utility to write the boot adf to a real floppy on your amiga. You would obviously need to boot wb and these utilities of your floppy disk at first to be able to do this.

If you do get that far and are able to test Ppil's solution, and it still doesn't work for you, then it must be a problem with your cf card, as mentioned, Ppils boot floppy worked perfectly for me.

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