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After an hour or two of trying various things (formatting in FAT16 etc), i still cannot get either to do anything.

At this point, i am no longe rgetting an error message when using Akiras Bootdisk, the system just simply stops doing anything. It doesnt crash, but it just stops loading and does not continue.

EasyADF, simply will not load the driver. it hangs on the "Please wait while driver loads" screen and continues no further. Because of this, i still have no capacity to write ADFs. The only response i can get out of it at all is when removing the CF card in this state, i get an error message in german. I haven't bothered to translate it as i assume its crying about the CF card being removed.

While i appreciate all the help and enthusiasm in mailing me out disks i might need, i feel people shouldn't have to do that just to get this damn thing to do what it is supposed to.

quick edit:- when usuing easyadf, i can get the driver to (supposedly) load with the PCMCIA adapter disconnected, but then it doesnt seem to do anything after that when connecting the adapter as requested.
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