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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The initial concept with stacked PCBs already had a compromise with it's 40-pin IDE: I don't want to offer 44-pin, as that one carries power that would overload the PSU of 90% of the A500s out there.
40-pin IDE would be perfect for me too. I prefer 40-pin IDE instead of CF.

I do need the very early execution of $f0 ROMs in order to boot from CF even under Kick1.2.
IIRC Kickstart 1.2 didn't autoboot from HD so I guess you patch it, couldn't that patch be removed or the rom moved to other location using a jumper?

Autoconfig ROM is not an option (and it would break compatibility with even more A1200 accelerators, because there is no config in/out lines on the 150-pin slot). The 2M Fastmem is available to the A1200 accelerator through Z2 mem space, just not using the autoconfig mechanism in order not to collide with possible autoconfig use on the A1200 accel. Your assumption that "only adapter+IDE" makes it easier is not in line with reality; that would have no means of dealing with the Kick1.2 issue.
Nice to know it's in z2 area. Decent accelerators didn't map their memory there anyway and those that did usually had an option to restrict them to 4MB in order to avoid colliding with PCMCIA.

Couldn't be possible to disable ACA500 rom so Blizzard boots? Even if I lost IDE I have a bunch of SCSI devices and a nice ATX PSU so I wouldn't mind much about losing IDE/RAM but the possibility of using cpu accelerators is more important to me.
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