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Hi Foob, check in the Zone, i have uploaded Ppils pcmcia boot floppy for you to try.

As mentioned at the bottom of this topic-

Or read the info from Ppil's post about his boot disk-

And this link has the boot floppy, plus a blank hdf file to install cwb into, thanks to Ppil!(edit, also now in the zone)-

This one worked fine for me when i used to use it, i could boot the floppy then it would redirect over to the .hdf file i had on the pcmcia card, in which contained classic workbench.
The pcmcia card was in fat format, and once cwb had booted from the .hdf file, you could also access the rest of the cards spare space.

Hope it helps!

Edit- I think you will need both the boot floppy, and the blank custom hdf file that Ppil created, i only uploaded the boot floppy. The link contains both, i will also reupload it to the zone!

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