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Originally Posted by Orcish75 View Post
I'm with Demolition on this one, the 44-pin IDE connector gives you a lot more options as well as being cheaper to implement on the board.
I would prefer 44pin IDE. I have SDHC-IDE adapters, SATA-IDE adapters, big IDE HDs, but no CF devices. I guess I'll be forced to search some SDHC to CF adapter.

About accelerators: wouldn't be possible to put the rom of ACA500 in ZorroII space acting as a ZorroII device so the user has the possibility of using more accelerators?

Micronik ZorroII/III boards included SCSI-II controller and allowed using many accelerators. You could put "buddha" IDE rom part in ZorroII space as I/O card and leave the rest free for accelerators, that way users could use ACA1230 and perhaps some Blizzards.

You could put the 2MB of ram in the ZorroII zone as a ZorroII "card" to increase compatibility too. If compatibility is a problem add a jumper to disable ram if you want. I could live without onboard IDE too if cpu compatibility was higher as I would use SCSI.

I don't want to sound negative but forcing users to use CF and just a few of the latest ACAs sounds much less appealing than an IDE+1200 cpu adapter.

If you are still redesigning the card you could keep IDE and ram in ZorroII space as ZorroII "cards" so they don't collide with cpu accelerators.
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