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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The "no progress" part is most annoying for me, too. As many of you should know by now, the majority of my income comes from an investor who wants me to work on the "big project", the VoIP router "Nequester". That's where most of my time goes, and I'll have to continue doing that if I want to keep paying salaries on a regular basis.

I have to apologize to everyone who is still waiting. I got a lot of offers for help yesterday, and I'm happy to make use of that once I have to time to coordinate things.

I am one of the people that doesn't know all about your business affairs. I have not know anything about your VoIP project, or that you need this to pay salaries. But then I am a late joiner to this forum and have not read all the posts. I thank you for providing this answer, now I know how the project stands in terms of priority. Please post when you are able to work on the AGA Mk2 so that we are kept in the picture. I still think its a great unit, as do most here, but after our investment we like to see some information.
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