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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
I do not want to add this to a fastmem board as some people may already have a IDE68K board on their machines. Other options that i have been thinking about is whether to include a 40 pin/44pin header or a simple CF adapter so people can use a CF card instead of an old mechanical drive. (I don't think it worthwhile for a mechanical drive to be used nowadays but i'm open to other peoples thoughts).
What i am currently leaning towards is to use the A500 CPU adapter and see if i can implement the IDE functions and CF card slot on there and maybe... maybe a header for SD card board which are freely available and cheap.
Thoughts anyone?
I think the most compatible solution would be a 44pin IDE connector. A CF adapter to go on this is widely available and costs almost nothing. The user would then have the choice to attach adapters for CF, SD etc. or use DOMs directly with 44pin interface. You are right that probably not many would use mechanical drives on it.
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