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Originally Posted by NMI View Post
Have you considered having a SD-card (slot) instead?
Since SD-cards have replaced CF-cards in all but a few professional applications both price and availability favors SD-cards, and it will get even more pronounced in the future.
I know that SD-cards have pretty much "made the race", but they don't have the ability to "speak IDE" and use existing drivers. Data transfer from/to SD-cards is serial, and therefore not as fast as with CF. Further, new software would have to be developed in order to operate the SD-card interface. I do have the technology (see Chameleon), but I prefer to use a known-good piece of software.

CF is still there, and widely used in professional digital cameras. You spend a few bucks more on a card, but that card is way bigger than anything you could have dreamed of in the days of the A500. Heck, you even have trouble formatting the huge size because the Amiga only supports 4GB without patches.

My first Amiga harddrive was 40MBytes. It lasted forever, and cost me about 800,- DM (about 400,- EUR, not looking at inflation). Today you get the fastest SanDisk 8GB CF card for under 30,- EUR (first Google hit to Amazon, 60MB/sec type). That's 200 times the capacity for a 13th of the price, AKA 2666 (twothousandsixhundred!) times the value. The stack of 9530 floppy disks that fits on that CF card would be almost 32 meters high; that's a 12-story house.

CDs were almost non-existent in A500 times, but when the first CD drives came out, you had a hard time collecting more than 10 CDs of useful data. Today, a large-capacity CF card is cheaper than the average CD title we got back in the days (I remember those walnut creek CD-ROMs that had to be imported to Germany at extreme prices...). CD-ROM drives are bulky, and they require more power than the average A500 PSU can supply. On top of that, a setup with external power supply, external drive and lots of cables and stuff dangling around the computer has a very low "WAF" (the "Wife Acceptance Factor").

Granted, there's never such a thing as "best choice", but surely something like a "best compromise", and I think that CF is just that.

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