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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
What i am currently leaning towards is to use the A500 CPU adapter and see if i can implement the IDE functions and CF card slot on there and maybe... maybe a header for SD card board which are freely available and cheap.

Thoughts anyone?
Great idea!

I'd like to see 44pin IDE + CF adapter (even if a 3.5" floppy power connector was needed) - if you are really clever you could work it so one of your a600/a1200 CF adapters could drop onto the 44pin connector so the CF card will poke out the back of the a500 case (for those that want to mod their case like me).

and those that want fast-mem can just drop a 4/8mb module onto the adapter too!

btw, could you supply a CPU socket to raise the a500 adapter up a little more please? I find that my adapter isnt level in the cpu socket due to the chip heights on the mobo - even with my big cap removed and flattened out.
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