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Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
The new kipper2k RAM/IDE that is coming out soon is a CF Card only one I think (correct me if I'm wrong?), and I'd really like a real large capacity fast HDD to go with my turbocard. Besides, you can always turn a 2.5" IDE port into CF if the user desires it, so the ACA would be a better choice in that regard.
I have been thinking about the IDE addon for the A500. MKL sent me his board files for the IDE 4.03. I'm just contemplating on the best way to implement this.

I do not want to add this to a fastmem board as some people may already have a IDE68K board on their machines. Other options that i have been thinking about is whether to include a 40 pin/44pin header or a simple CF adapter so people can use a CF card instead of an old mechanical drive. (I don't think it worthwhile for a mechanical drive to be used nowadays but i'm open to other peoples thoughts)

What i am currently leaning towards is to use the A500 CPU adapter and see if i can implement the IDE functions and CF card slot on there and maybe... maybe a header for SD card board which are freely available and cheap.

Thoughts anyone?
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