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Ok, I can help you out with the disk transfer problem, but I dont know much about the cable methods.

The windwos blue screen when writing to 720k discs also happens to me often. I don' know why, but PC floppy drives and windows seem to be very pedantic when detecting errors on discs. Whenever windows reports a bad disk I can use the same disk without any problems in my Amiga-500 !!

But the cure for this problem is to use 720k discs instead of using 1.44mb discs and taping the hd hole. Then this crappy blue screens should vanish

About the problem that some transferred games won't work on the Amiga I can only advise you to format the discs before writing to them with transdisk or adf2disk or whatever ! I always use transdisk and have no problems of this sort.
Also you can be faster by splitting the adf into 2 equal big halves on the pc and then put them on 2 72k discs. On the Amiga side put the pc disc into df1 and the Amiga disc into df0 and use the -s (starttrack) and -e (endtrack) options of transdisk for writing only the first half ( tracks 0-39 ) or the second half ( tracks 40-79 ) of the adf. This way you can transfer 'on-the-fly' from df1 to df0 and don't need to zip and unzip the files !

Happy transferring
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