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Amiga games for the PC?

Just thinking out aloud here with a very hypothetical idea. There's loads of coders/artists/musicians etc that still use the Amiga and have a very deep connection with the machine. Theres also plenty of people that have ideas for games but simply can't make the commitment to their projects as Amiga games don't tend to make much money these days...

Well let's just say there was a "Development" version of WinUAE, hypothetically speaking of course, and this version was hard coded to a set configuration, depending on the type of game being developed.
The user creates the game entitley in the emulated environment of WinUAE, storage not being a problem the user could use a HDF file for large data/access speed reasons...

Once the game is created have it compiled in such a way that it can be run on a PC with WinUAE being completely invisible. System requirements would basically be WinUAE requirements? There seems to be a new generation out there that enjoy retro/8-bit looking games, could the Amiga in this day and age still produce a slick and polished game, I would like to think so! Anybody else thinking along these lines or am I nuts
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