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Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
actually, CF are not as reliable as they say. I have here a drawer full of dead CF because they always fail at some point and become unreadable, even if you don't do much with them.
I've never had a CF go dead on me, except a 16Mb one i've managed to mechanically damage enough. If you got loads of dead ones, i'd look for a faulty device, or handling issues.

Originally Posted by Calabazam View Post
I want a real hard drive. A MicroDrive could be good but they are quite rare and limited to about 5/6 GB as far as i know.
Ebay. Cheap to. But yeah, your pretty much limited to 6GB, unless you find one of the more rare 8GB ones. But then again. What do you suppose your going to put on this amount of space that means you need more?
(Side note, a shop in sweden still has 4 4Gb Magicstore microdrives. Well, they claim to, at least. I'm guessing these are "left overs" from before Hitachi sued the living crap out of GS Magic. It is/was a flat out copy of the IBM drive, which hitatchi bought, and later sued GS Magic over patent infringement... Meaning even as brand new these drives come with pretty much no warranties, other then what the store is willing to front for. At about a 4'th of the price for a new Hitachi it might still be worth it...)
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