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Rough Value Of Some Amiga Gear?

Having had some credit card fraud committed against me a few days ago I find myself in the unfortunate position of needing to raise some money to live and pay bills, etc.

As much as it saddens me my Amiga, and some amiga related bits and pieces are the likely candidates for being sold.

Being that Im not really a collector of amigas, and have only bought what I use, Im not really up on prices. I do understand that it varies a litte country to country, and different people have different ideas as to value, but Im hoping to get a little feedback on prices that are reasonable both to me and a potential buyer.

The items Im considering selling are:

Amiga Tech PAL A1200/KS3.0
Apollo 1240 40mhz 68040 (mach 131, ergo upgradable to '060) +16 meg simm
Etherlink III PCMCIA network adaptor

possibly with 32gig CF card if it adds enough to value, but otherwise just a 5gig 2.5 inch ide harddrive.

Catweasel Mk3 Pci/Zorro card

a few cd32 games (Robocod, Arcade Pool, Oscars/Diggers, Impossible Mission 2025se).

Roughly 100 assorted Amiga Magazines and cover discs. Not sure on exact amount. There's about 300, but I'll want to keep quite a few for tutorials, etc.

If anyone could give me a rough idea of the value of any and/or all of the above Id very much appreciate it.

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