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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
That's strange, both the AGA and RTG versions should work really well on your setup???

It might be some kind of hack/patch that you are running, it's very hard for me to know what the problem is.

Are you using the latest versions off AmiNet?

Check your AHI settings (run the AHI Prefs), make sure your AHI has reasonable settings.

Also see if ScummVM has produced any error logs.
Thank you for your quick respond. I can't think of any hack or patch I used besides what you advice to use (copymem060). i am using the lates version off the Aminet. I tried Paula 8bit stereo and Toccata 8bit stereo in AHI settings. Error log doesn't update when restarting ScummVM but there is one entry that shows "could not open screen mode 320x240 IIRR. But the screenmodes are available.

I'll try to check my system for any patches I might have forgotten when I'm back home.

Edit: I checked for hacks and patches. All I use is the copymem you suggested to use. Even re-installed AHI after checking on my A1200 and found out that AHI was the problem there. Still doesn't start. Seems like I'm too stupid to use an Amiga nowadays. :/ Sorry for bothering you guys.

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