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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
The physics on that was pretty impressive, at full frame rate, and that, just with some bits of cheap plastic and elastic bands!

I think, what you could do is draw the moving rectangular objects really simply (filled polygons in one or two bitplanes maybe, with a single pass over the whole screen for the fill) and redraw them with more detail when they come to rest. Round objects can simply be pre-rotated bobs.

How dare you, my mighty buttresses are not cheap!

Sadly, I'm a rubbish programmer, so I've no idea really how it would be done in detail. I was just thinking about what Thomas said about drawing the graphics being the slow part. I imagined an artillery type game with lots of interactive scenery and thought it would still be fun and look neat even with really simple graphics, if the physics was convincing.

I remember a PD asteroids type game that was in B&W 2D wireframe and I think the asteroids were just polygons, wish I could remember the name, it was really fast and great fun despite or maybe because of the primitive graphics.
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