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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
Also old boardgame crossbows and catapults, Ah, that was great.
The physics on that was pretty impressive, at full frame rate, and that, just with some bits of cheap plastic and elastic bands!

I've also only watched a video of angry birds but I think you could get quite far with something like this on amiga. Scale back the number and detail of simulated objects to suit the target processor power. And for drawing the graphics, why not try B&W wireframe in 1 bitplane. If you could get the animation to look smooth and realistic like angry birds, even in B&W it would be a pretty unique thing on amiga.
I think, what you could do is draw the moving rectangular objects really simply (filled polygons in one or two bitplanes maybe, with a single pass over the whole screen for the fill) and redraw them with more detail when they come to rest. Round objects can simply be pre-rotated bobs.
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