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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
I love it how people make up stuff and pass it off as the "truth" on the net!
I "make up stuff"? You confirm yourself that an offline version was planned initially (in addition to that, I can search for RCK's statement from a decade ago, if neccessary), while Cody in this very thread confirms that the watermarks are being used to prevent other sites from stealing content (see posting #24).

So which part of my statement did I make up and pass off as the truth?

The truth of the matter is that an offline version of HOL being made publicly available is still on a very long TODO list of suggested enhancements for HOL.
If that is still something the team wants to do, the watermarks don't make any sense at all. Unless you're using "it's on the todo list already" the same way I use it ("go away and leave me alone")

Banners were added to box scans on the old Exotica site in 1998/99.
I don't get your fixation on Exotica's past sins. The web and its users evolved a lot since 1998, and there are plenty of projects now that show that being open makes a lot of sense for both the maintainer and the users. I think it's a good thing Buzz learned from his errors, no? Your replies to him sound a bit like: "you used to be as dumb as us! so there!"
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