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Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
When HOL was started, even regular dumps to Aminet were suggested (by the HOL team, that is), but at some point the fear of being ripped of took over.
I love it how people make up stuff and pass it off as the "truth" on the net!

The truth of the matter is that an offline version of HOL being made publicly available is still on a very long TODO list of suggested enhancements for HOL. RCK had someone outside the team lined up to make an offline version, but it didn't work out for whatever reason. Unfortunately, RCK has been too busy for some years now with real life to make any great inroads on the TODO list. Many of the team members have been eagerly and patiently waiting for more important features than the offline version to be implemented, but RCK devotes most of the precious little coding time he has to EAB maintenance instead. Go figure!

Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
on the old exotica site many years ago, we added a banner on the bottom of the images. nothing over the image itself. However, it was something I was never happy about, and was connected to making some contributors happy at the time. This was corrected long ago, and all images on the current site are free from such things.
Banners were added to box scans on the old Exotica site in 1998/99. At the time, only you and the guy running MobyGames were really adding banners/watermarks to Amiga content in all the game databases going around that included Amiga stuff. In fact, one could say that Exotica and MobyGames were pioneers in the use of banners/watermarks in online game databases!

As a side note, frankly, I find it hard to believe that you attached banners to game content on Exotica for 8-9 years simply to keep "some contributors happy". I guess HOL has been real lucky compared to Exotica then because we've had no problems with contributors trying to dictate terms. In fact, they've been quite the opposite!

EDIT: Actually you say in an old post in this very thread that you used banners on the old Exotica site to "not stop people from stealing, but perhaps just discourage or encourage them to give credit" - see HERE. Pot, kettle, black!!!

Originally Posted by BuZz View Post

We don't hide the history of the images, so you can see it was corrected in 2007 as the new wiki based site was being constructed.
What it doesn't tell people is that the banners were added in 1998/99 - at a time on the net when there was no real need for such things!

Is it just me, or is it too early in the New Year for people to be posting like such drama queens??!!

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