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Eek Gonna Smash This Amiga


I have a number of questions to put out there, i recently went back to the "oldskool" and got the old A1200 out for a bit of sensi bashing.

Havent used it for ages and thought 'oh cool' i can just go on the net and get loads of games...............

If only it were that easy, first I tried networking the Mig to the PC via Null modem, Twin express on both pootas and guess what, the PC is shit and doesnt want to play, while the Mig is OK.

I get unrecognised device etc from the PC and then when I close and run Twinx again i get device busy. I know Windows F*$# things up a bit, but I cant even get it running from DOS.

I can see others have had the same probs, but i cant resolve mine, everything is as it should be, baud, port etc, the only thing i can see is the address for com1 is different on the PC to what the TwinX readme says but Windows wont let me change it.

I've heard Amiga explorer is pretty easy, where can i get a copy ? dont say Cloanto.

So then i went to the mega slow task of 720kb disks, then transferring them to the mig by Crossdos, download the .adf, compress the .adf with .lha (or chop it using CHOPPER if LHA cant pack it tight enough to fit on one disk) and copy it to disk, transfer it over to the Mig, and, then unpack the .lha (or join) the .adf on the MIG and then do an ADF2DISK. Takes an absolute age, but is the only way at the moment.

Whilst im doing this on the PC, half the time windows chucks me a nasty blue screen telling me "unable to write to disk" and takes 2 or 3 attempts to get the thing to work (if it works at all).

A little side question, does anyone know why windows does this to me??? (and the rest of humanity i imagine) apart from being worse than a Welsh sheep with Herpes and Slower than a Two legged Turtle.

Sorry I digress....

Imagine my command of the lovely english language, when........ once i finally get the game written to a Meega disk, the game wont work !!!!!!!
I load it on the Mig and i get a Boot sector error or something or a software failiure, (Moonstone, oh yes Moonstone

Is this just duff software on the net or what ? A small list of things I have tried, but cant get to work are,
SWOS (about 4 different versions), Dynablasta, Mega-lo-mania, Moonstone, RickDangerous2, SimEarth, Kick Off, Kick OFF2, Rainbow Islands, Speedball2.

Dunno if anyone can see a pattern here that im not ?

Although to be fair I have got some games across like this (about 20 in 4 solid days of pissing around, AND their all ones im not really interested in............
Some of the ones that have worked are Stunt Car Racer, Wings, SuperCars2, SimCity, Goal, Winter Olympics, JamesPond3, Lemmings.

I then found out about WHDLoad and whacked that on the Mig too, I thought its gotta be something simple, praps its just the poota (couldnt be me, OOOHH no), i knew i could never get Moonstone or Mega-lo-Mania to run on the A1200 and just used to run it on a 500, so i thought it must be the old chipset thingy. so i got a couple of WHD patches to test things out first and put the things on the hard drive.

Surprise surprise, nothing.

When i put the installer onto the Miga in the same directory as WHDLoad, then run the installer all i get is "unable to compile line 156" or something. I only tried 2 patches , Moonstone and Mega-lo-mania, and to be honest I got so pissed off i havent bothered trying anymore.

But this still doesnt explain why on earth i cant get SWOS to run. I did get a demo of Sensi Moon Soccer to run that i downloaded though, which just frustrated me even more.

I am slowly but surely going mental, and feel like smahing the things to pieces, (the PC first of course).

I know its only me not knowing what to do, and am now on a mission to get things going.

The A1200 is standard, 2mb RAM etc 68020 80mb HD. Nothing fancy, is that the problem with WHDload ?

I gave all my old games away about 7-8 years ago, but decided to keep the Amiga, now after getting bored with the PS2, I thought id get back in the spirit of the good old days. The games I desperately wanna get going are, mega-lo-mania, SWOS, Moonstone, Xenon 2, oh fuck the list, just all the old classics.

I know its a long one but in short I need help with a nullmodem link to the PC, tranfering WORKING .adfs to the Mig from the PC by disk (if I cant network it) and getting WHDload working, or any of the games i want to work.

any help out there peeps peeps would seriously be appreciated, otherwise ill be selling off broken bits of PC and Amiga.

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