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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
Also @Mrs Beanbag - I think views on how to use the hardware and its resources very much depend on your perspective. I tend to share the same perspective as Photon in that my personal preference is to take over the hardware and do whatever I like but the ultra clean approach you advocate is, in my view, equally valid depending on the circumstances.
There was a time in the past when I would have advocated the direct approach. Since then I think programming professionally in C++ has given me good habits, but Commodore didn't even want people touching the hardware registers directly, in vain have I tried to explain to my dad that writing anything impressive practically requires that you do this.

Nevertheless in future I intend to go so far as to attempt to get things to run in an Intuition screen. I perfectly understand game coders NOT doing this even to this day. Perhaps it's the opposite sort of showing off...
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