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I don't know if Roys WB disk includes the CF reading software but you can find out by trying this. With the PCMCIA adaptor and CF inserted, boot from the WB floppy, open a CLI and enter

mount CF0:
cd CF0:

If it is a standard WB this won't work because it doesn't have the CF reading software. But, Akiras boot disk must have it so you can make a WB copy and add the required stuff from there.

First make a copy of the WB disk. Then you need to make some space on it, you can delete all the stuff in utilities drawer for a start. I'm not 100% how much space you need. Then from memory, so please someone correct if wrong, copy from Akiras disk the files

compactflash.device to your devs: drawer
fat95 to your l: drawer

For WB2, I think you also need to edit the mountlist file. This is in the devs: drawer. You need to add an entry to it which tells AmigaDOS how to use the CF0: with Fat95. To edit the file, at a CLI, type

ed devs:mountlist

to open the file in a simple text editor.

Check out post 28 in this thread to see the entry you need to add to the mountlist. You need to add the line


Followed by all the lines in the code box for CF0 mountlist in that post. Save and reboot using your new WB floppy. Open CLI and again enter

mount CF0:

If nothing appears to happen try

cd CF0:

(sometimes the drive won't mount until you try to access it)

If still nothing happens, take a break and wait for your new CF card to arrive. Then start again. Try not to get too pissed off, this chicken and egg problem of getting software from PC to Amiga afflicts everyone returning to Amiga but you only have to get through it once and then pretty much all amiga software ever is at your fingertips.

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