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Why don't you contribute something to the WHDLoad project Marz?

If there were hundreds of hours in a day and there was any point to installing all those demos you want done, I am sure they would be done.

However, most of those demos have full games already patched and it's just more work to support a single level demo in most cases. So why bother? Unless it's a special track (ATR Xmas) or an unreleased game (Putty Squad) then it's pointless imho...

Again you haven't bothered to search properly:

- Giddy 1 and 2 are already WHDLoad installed by Kyzer.
- Sonic Boom installed years ago by Bored Seal.
- All Dizzy games are already HD afaik.

Galahad is doing all the Sensi games afaik, but he's a busy boy

I am slowly working on the Bandit Mania games, I have registered versions of them (ie. they don't crap out after 5 mins play or whatever). But they are low priority atm.

California Games I have got "semi" working but it crashes all over the place in some events and corrupt graphics. Nowhere near releasable. I don't know if I will ever bother to finish it as it has wasted hours of time with no reward. I assume Cal 2 will be the same.

Super Tennis Champs is too O/S friendly so that's another difficult one. Same as Bubble and Squeak.

Marz: Tell me again why you don't learn assembler yourself and patch some demos? Demos are easier than games usually as the loaders are very basic. You could at least help out the WHDLoad guys by making icons, making up documentation from LSD docs disks (ie. reformatting so it's readable) rather than just demanding others do all the work and send you games all the time. I am sure there are plenty of things the WHDLoad guys want done which are boring tasks to them (after all why should the coders time be wasted on boring tasks when any schmuck with time on their hands could do it?).
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