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i'm just going to give it a quick try now and see what gives.

As far as the CF card is concerned... i can't remember where i read it but i i know ive seen somewhere that some CF cards don't work because they are incapable of running at a low enough speed for the amiga to interpret, so you have to purposefully buy a brand that can handle these lower speeds. I remember seeing the trancend x133's as a compatible brand so i got one of those. will be a few days before i get it though, obviously.

anyway, regarding mounting manually..... how? i assume from the CLI but i even don't relaly know how to get that up. i'm just re-installing WB on the CF now via winUAE so i can try,

EDIT: just tried again and pressed cancel, didnt work. Comes up with message "Can;t find cf0:devs; assign failed returncode 20"

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