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A600 update! - more help required....

Progress Update Time!

So, today i received a package int he post from the very kind Roy, containing the new WB disks and backups of them, and the CF boot disk Akira provided (and a backup of that also). Along with this, i also got my dry disk drive cleaner. This is what happened...

Firstly i popped the disk cleaner in, this didnt do much atll (i suspect its because theres no program forcing the disk drive to read from the disk (even though its not a data disk, just a brush).

Then, i tried the first WB disk from Roy, it came up with block read error so i replaced it with the backup and finally ive been able to get into workbench. First thing i did was copy this disk to one of converted 1.44MB, which now seems to work fine. However, at this point, i'm trusting Roys disks more than this a600, and im starting to think i may have a faulty drive rather than every single one of my disks are bit-rotten. Anyway, at least for now, i have WB up and running so EasyADF should no longer be an issue (although i havent tried it yet, reason incoming.)

The second thing i tried after creating the WB backups of my own, is putting in the CF card into the PCMCIA reader and trying to boot from that as per Akira's helpful instructions (and bootdisk). The disk itself seemed to work fine, but i get an error saying that there is no device in CF0, when there is. I've just double checked that its still set up OK as it still boots in winUAE perfectly fine, and the only thing i can think of that may or may not an issue is that i had to use kickstart .175(2.04) to install on the CF, as its the only ROM i had available other than 1.3.

EDIT:- Adding exact error message from A600 - "No disk present in device CF0". have photo if it helps (but i doubt it)

So, at this point, im stuck again.... but still making progress. Any ideas on what to do next?

For those new to my plight, this thread is a continuation from - a brie fsummary of what has happend from the beginning follows ;-

1) purchase used a600, came with kick 32.299 and no WB disks.
2) have PCMCIA CF adapter and 4G CF card, purchased with EasyADF software from amigakit.
3) Suggested that its possible to install WB to CF and boot from PCMCIA. installed WB to CF using winUAE but only had 2,04 ROM available. Booting WB from PCMCIA is my goal, not to install a CF hard drive at all.
4) CF card boots fine in WinUAE.
5) see above.
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