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Originally Posted by walkero View Post
It worked like a charm on my 22" LG monitor. I managed to use 800x600 and 1280x728 resolutions on my system, which has also a Blizzard 1230IV installed. It worked really nice and all the games worked fine on the monitor.
Gratz. We need more success stories.

Originally Posted by walkero View Post
I don't know if the new core will help on the matters with the limited chip ram, which was getting too low even when I opened a few windows.
I dunno, i can open loads of windows before the miggy runs low on memory, using ClassicWB. but i wont be using that as a performance yardstick, i just want a good solid image on the telly.

Originally Posted by walkero View Post
I wonder, is it so necessary to use your AGA computer on HD resolutions? Why are you so impatient with it? what exactly do you indent to do with your old AGA machine?
I'm not sure if there is a misconception here. Most users would be more then happy with pretty much "any" solid image on their TV/monitors. The thing is, a lot of us, currently get nothing, when hooking the stuff together. I get a single frame every 2-5 seconds on my LX. (42LX650n)
The hope is that the software will fix this, making sure it works, and lets me use WHDLoad to play my retro games on the miggy, the way it's supposed to be played, on my much to new TV.

I couldn't care less about scanlines, or simulating the shape of the tube, but there is a lot of eye-candy that simply is a part of the (working) package, mainly as it's a small extra effort, and has it's use for some owners.
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