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Last weekend I installed the indi mkII on my A1200. It worked like a charm on my 22" LG monitor. I managed to use 800x600 and 1280x728 resolutions on my system, which has also a Blizzard 1230IV installed. It worked really nice and all the games worked fine on the monitor. Me and my kids have really fun with it, without having to use the old 1084 monitor. I don't know if the new core will help on the matters with the limited chip ram, which was getting too low even when I opened a few windows.

I wonder, is it so necessary to use your AGA computer on HD resolutions? Why are you so impatient with it? what exactly do you indent to do with your old AGA machine?

I am really glad that I bought this fine card for my system. If a new core will make it even better, when it is realeased, that would be more than welcome.

Jens, keep up the good work bringing us great hardware. You won't get my card back, unless I burn it.
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