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Originally Posted by edd_jedi View Post
I don't agree that it's a hardware issue/limitation. Otherwise as above how would Sensible Soccer and Lemmings (and probably lots of other games) get around it?
Well I don't think there's anything to agree with here. i am not stating my opinion, I am stating a fact.
The games you mention are also off-center. Here's a screenshot of Sensible Soccer where I have measured the width of each border.

The screenshot was taken in double-size but the proportion would still the same if I didn't double the pixels. As you see, there are blank regions on the borders so this is a game that doesn't go fully overscan (do any of them do? I would doubt it). and the centering is right-bottom oriented. it's NOT dead center and it never is.

On the CD32 version of Sensi, the centering on my TV is to the LEFT actually! I think from all Amigas I had the CD32 has the strangest centering and in most cases it is nearest to dead-center than any others (the INSERT DISC screen of the CD32 is perfectly centered and occupies all the way to the side of the screen with no border arounds it)

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