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Just to put some numbers in the room:

Of the about 70 games I installed, there were the following problems I can remember from memory, present on a stock A500:

Naughty Ones crashes if you play the bonus level too long, by collecting all the hearts
RocknRoll hangs if you fall in an abyss and try to roll out of it while falling down - you roll back, but cannot move when you reached solid ground again (not fixed yet in the install)
German version of Dragon Wars crashes in various places
Deflektor crashes if you try to turn a mirror in both directions at the same time, possible with keyboard control on my A2000
Atomix has a preset hiscore entry of 900000, but the highest possible score is only about 360000
Jumping Jackson has a score overflow
German Thunderhawk has manual questions which are impossible to answer

So the amount of major errors even present on the target system is rather 10%.
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