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A590/A2091 reset/reboot loop

I set up a config with A590/A2091 enabled. Using A2091 ROM 7.0, Kickstart 3.1, 68020 + JIT CPU, fastest possible. WinUAE 2.5.1.

With the config attached the emulated machine keeps rebooting. Once it gets into the reboot loop, even after opening settings window, un-checking A590/A2091 and clicking reset, the machine still keeps resetting.

When I opened settings window during the reboot loop and un-checked JIT, on clicking OK WinUAE crashed (I'll upload crash dumps later).

If you load the config then uncheck A590/A2091 before starting emulation it does boot correctly. Or, load the config and set CPU to 68000 cycle-exact and it boots okay with A590/A2091 checked.

Update: Keeping CPU set to 68020 but disabling JIT and checking "More compatible" does get the machine to boot.
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