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went up to Founder level (£150)

What does it mean to be a ‘Founding member of “The Elite”‘?

“The Elite” are a secretive group of intrepid pilots. Throughout human space, there are a great many people that have been helped by “The Elite” over the years, and because of this “The Elite” are treated well, wherever they go. Whether it be discounts on buying special items or repairs, and the small number of founding members even greater benefits. Other benefits include a greater likelihood of being offered rare missions or opportunities. Membership is offered to pilots who have proven their ability by reaching “Elite” rating within the Pilot’s Federation, but the founding members are not put through such an indignity. All “The Elite” are entitled to display a special silver “Elite” emblem, and the founders a golden one with the word ‘Founder’ beneath it.

just over 20k left with 54 hours to go
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