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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Nope, because he will use the PCMCIA slot as storage.
Kipper's 4MB adapter is a much better purchase, those SRAM cards are expensive.
(also 1+2 = 3 )
Correct, but all my A600's came with 1MB from the factory, so that's a +1 MB.

Before I started expanding my A600, I wrote floppies as well, using just the standard 1MB Chipmem. I would LHA the ADF file on the PC and move it onto a 720K PC floppy (was usually possible to fit it). I would then use a Multidos bootdisk with LHA on it to extract the LHA'd ADF file from the PC floppy onto the RAM disk in the Amiga where the 880K image could just fit. I then used a command-line tool to transfer this image onto an amiga formatted floppy disk. I did this with many games, although it was slow and tedious, so it can be done using no hardware upgrades.

Everything just got so much easier when I put in a 320MB 2½" HDD. This was still before CF cards were cheap so back then I transferred the ADF images over a serial cable. It was still slow, but not tedious anymore.
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