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Originally Posted by Dunny View Post
Would it be bad form to mention my own BASIC interpreter?

It's based on Sinclair BASIC, has been ported to Raspberry Pi, Linux/x86 and Pandora (natively runs in Windows) and has a load of programs bundled up:

Demos can be had here:

And on my youtube page:

It's been heavily influenced by BBC BASIC and AMOS, though retains as much backward-compatibility with Sinclair BASIC as possible

Hi Dunny,

I am using your programs from long time, for example ZX Spin and principally BASIn, I love to see it in action because ZX Basic was the first language I learned and I think admirable that a language so simple like it can take control of an entire computer, and its users can make games and personal applications with it.

I love your idea of making an OS-like BASIC interpreter. Many had the idea of doing it, but could never complete a project like this, but you seems to know how to continue your trajectory well. Your ideas and features that you add in SpecBAS seems very, very intelligent. I wish you luck with your project!

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